A meeting of Spirit Fingers

As the dim lights shed, the musicians on the stage start a boasting yet gentle drive. The music navigates through thematic sections and melodies like the intro roll for a movie. Singing, yet pumping, the mood is something in between relaxation and thrill, feeling like moving through the cliff where writing ends and improvisation starts. Even if the rhythm underlying below is a four against four and the chords maintain a strong tonal vibe, yet the band is putting at show an high degree of virtuoso technique, manipulating a multiple accent palette with wittiness and playfulness. Piano is driving the game with mastery, while electric bass is spanning with unusual easyness all the registers of the instrument, restraining guitar’s eagerness to a disciplined sustainment. The drumming is precisely counterpointing, never too sharp, always compelling. After four minutes piano breaks into the transition that welcomes the initial track theme. A looped two-chords ostinato overarches multiple rhythmic patterns. The band seems to stop for a few seconds, to take a deep breath like someone who is preparing to dive. Entering the zone, concentrating on the beat, focusing on the starting gun. They are pondering on time itself. Once the stage is set, multiple rhythms start pouring above the surface, like shimmering trickles becoming a stream.

Full article on http://www.musicforwatermelons.com/2018/a-meeting-of-spirit-fingers/

In italiano: http://www.musicforwatermelons.com/2018/a-meeting-of-spirit-fingers/#SpiritFingersITA

Autore: Marcello Nardi

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